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Russelís Tea Lounge and Mini Museum was established on 23rd September 2011. This was opened purely to educate and bring back Memories of Yesteryear Tea Industry. The main Objective is to recognize Sir James Taylor who was the first Tea Grower in Ceylon in the year 1867 at Loolecondera Tea Estate. The main feature of Mini Museum is, Olden days Tea Production and Sir James Taylorís feature Photographs.

This Tea lounge is collaborated with recognized Tea Export and Tea Packing Companies and their Products namely: Russelís Tea, Akbar Brothers, Imperial Teas, Ranfer Teas, Hyson Teas, Emerson Teas, Bogawanthalawa Plantations, Watawala Plantations and Expo Lanka.

You get wide range of graded teas in Packets, Boxes, and Cartons and in Canisters. Also Green Tea, Iced Tea and Flavored tea is also available.

To quench your thirst and hunger there is Russelís Food Court serving Tasty Short Eat Items, Tea, Soft Drinks and Tasty food, Lunch In Boxes and Sit Down Lunch. Many Foreigners and Locals have visited and still visiting this Novel and Unique TEA CENTRE. With the help of Tea Board Mr. Austin Pereraís photograph was unveiled at Russelís Tea Lounge.

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